We, in ME for advance business co. LTD plan, manage and execute a wide range of services in various field for corporate, government and individuals. By establishing, long term relationships, we seek to contribute to improve our customers’ business.

Designing a business development strategy is about developing a tailor-made solution. It won’t fit you unless it reflects your potential, needs and objectives. Even if you have a pre-defined path, life throws up many surprises. It is better to be ready to respond to these in a flexible manner when it comes to your business. You can make changes to your investment strategy at any time. To achieve your business goals, you must adopt a systematic approach. As goals can also change, flexibility is important. With discipline and an investment strategy that meets your earnings expectations, you will achieve your goal sooner.

Our services include the following:

  • Advisory services and restructure services
  • Commercial brokerages services
  • Real estate brokerages services
  • Finance and investment services
  1. Advisory service:

Me for advanced business co ltd. has many of investment specialists and economists around the world observing the business markets. This enables us to provide you a comprehensive advisory consultation with step-by-step support in achieving you starting and running your business, assess potential risks in an objective way and be among the first to spot opportunities on the markets.

ME for advance business co, LTD provides its customers with a comprehensive set of services, ranging from business assessments, to managing a procurement process for complex systems and programs. ME for advance business co, LTD supports developing organizations with professional interim management.

If you’d like to start a business over the long term, we recommend that you bear the following factors in mind:

  • What opportunities are currently available on the markets and what risks need to be considered?
  • Which investment is right for you?
  • How can your financial targets be brought into line with your needs and your risk appetite?
  • When investing, we must plan for the long term because there’s no place for spontaneous actions or emotion decisions.

Majority of people have dreams, whether small or big. Defiantly required financial and human resources, which determine whether these dreams remain just that or become a goal.

  • Restructure and managing companies which include :
  • Assessing short-term and long-term liquidity needs
  • Evaluating operations business plans
  • Determining enterprise value
  • Designing appropriate capital structures.
  • Negotiating executable restructuring programs with other relevant stakeholders
  • Leading and supporting strategic transaction processes, including asset sales and capital raises
  • Determine risk factors
  • Determine appropriate staff required
  1. Commercial brokerages services
  2. Real estate brokerages services
  3. Finance and investment services