Industries are going globally; the Suppliers and Manufacturers don’t have to limit themselves within any boundary. Companies from different countries should join hands to meet the ever-expanding demands of the customers worldwide.

Through firm knowledge of operational experience, ME for advance business co. LTD. made many distribution and Joint Venture Agreements with reputable companies to increase their resources, capacity, technical expertise, and access to established markets and distribution channels

General trade

  1. Garments:

We started our journey before eight yeas dealing in various sectors of garments such as men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids clothing, infant wear, sportswear etc.

We import form different countries: Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Vietnam, China, turkey and UAE, we plan to import and export from all countries around the world.

when we start, we have only one shop and less than 50 customers, now we thanking god for our successful four big shops in Khartoum with stores and all utilities with capacity of more than 10 tons and more than 700+ regular customers

  1. Cosmetics and beauty products:

We are an Importer and Distributor of cosmetics & beauty Products with over 8 years’ experience in dealing with Branded and Unbranded Items. we used to import from sole agents in UAE, and direct trader in Egypt.

Normally we deal with the following range of products:

  • EYE MAKEUP: Eye Shadows, Mascaras, Eyeliners, Eye Pencils, Concealer
  • FACE MAKEUP: Foundations, Primer, Highlighting, Blush, Powder
  • LIPS MAKEUP: Lipsticks, Gloss, Lip Liner, Balm

we regularly import Brands: SK-Ⅱ, Avene, Bioderma, Clarins, Clinique, Embryolisse, L’Occitane, and LOREAL.

Now we are interested, and looking for another trustable brands.

  1. Natural, traditional & health foodstuff products

We select to furnish one of the traditional local fruit (baobab). It is naturally organic, healthy and not widely known. We backed under our name and also, we have another same brand from other producer. You can read more about it: click here

  1. Electronic and Home appliance and Household

Every home has different types and numbers of Electronic and Home appliance and Household and yearly they add more or upgrade or change,we import and distribute all kinds of home appliance and household

  1. solar system:

we, in ME for advanced business co ltd care about our environment and encourage everything safe our world, so that we proud to furnish solar system equipment’s, and consultancy concern to all Solar Energy Systems. We have a variety of solar energy solutions to cover all needs from clean energy including solar power systems, solar water heating, solar street lighting and etc.

we deal with reputable sole agencies companies in Egypt and UAE. Now we plan to distribute the equipment to all part of Sudan

  1. Finishing products

Interior work is become more attractive and very essential for all types of buildings, we are offering Interior Wallpaper in different colors, designs and finishes at cost effective prices.

Features of Imported Wallpapers:

  • Splendid design
  • Excellent finish
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Easy to apply